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Sea to Sky | Sony A7SII Testing in British Columbia

Three days after I bought my new camera, I bounced out to Vancouver to spend some time with a good friend of mine.

The entire trip was spent testing and this is a short montage of some of the shots. The focus was less on perfection and execution of shots (as you can see) but more on getting used to shooting with a Sony mirrorless camera and using the GlideCam. I was fairly limited with just one lense, a Sony E-mount 28-70 f3.5-5.6 without any ND filters - it was tough.

I wanted to experiment with different flat picture profiles, in particular S-log2 & Cine4 and see what they had to offer in low-light and also in post production - the colour grading process is a completely different animal when shooting flat, but gives you way more control.

The other beauty of using native Sony glass is the follow focus, hence some of the tracking shots on the subject (I really wish I had my Zhiyun Crane at this point). At night, the sensor couldn't really keep up with the forward tracking and during the day it was difficult due to my f-stop limitations and the lack of an ND it meant that the focus was fairly wide.

Still, it was beneficial to spend time shooting in an incredibly part of the world and getting to grips with the fantastic camera. Without this trip I would have struggled with some of the freelance work and weddings that I shot with the camera shortly after - it gave me a much better sense of control and more ideas about it's capabilities.

Locations: Downtown Vancouver, Golden Ears Park, Lighthouse Park, Whytecliff Park, Queen Elizabeth Park.

Music: Nordic Giants / Immortal Elements

Gear: Sony A7SII, Sony E-mount 28-70, GlideCam 2000 Pro. Shot in Cine4 & S-Log2. Shot in NTSC at 120fps.

Post: Adobe Premiere, Lumetri, CodyBlue LUTS

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